The Franky Baca Line Is Changing LA's Fashion Scene

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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 30, 2020 / Franky Baca is the hottest new designer brand that is quickly establishing itself as a major figure in the Los Angeles fashion industry with signature futuristic and historic silhouettes born of bold styles, innovative designs, and various materials. The public's anticipation for the much-awaited Season 4 Collection has been building since it was announced that it was already in the early stages of production right after the successful release of Franky Baca Season 3 Collection.

The Season 3 Collection is named "Mom's Collection" and was created as a tribute to the tight familial bonds shared by Franky and his late mother, Judy. She died of unfortunate causes a few months prior.

The Franky Baca fashion line is a relatively new one as it only made itself known to the public in 2014. Since then, it has released pieces integrating art and fashion, bringing attention to them to allow consumers to look at fashion in a different light. With bold pieces ranging from the unique to the bizarre, outrageous pieces are not just something that Franky Baca is known to produce-in fact, the line takes great pride in these pieces.

By paying no heed to mainstream art's popular aesthetic when conceptualizing pieces, the process of designing without preconceived notions of art and beauty allows endless possibilities in the realm of fashion. The flexibility of the design process is furthered by the line's unisex pieces, which, in turn, opens up fashion to a wide variety of customers. With outstanding elements that allow for bold self-expression, the company grows in size and presence among the Los Angeles fashion scene.

The announcement of Franky Baca's Season 1 Collection met with a significant amount of skepticism. Still, people quickly began to see that there is potential in the yet-unknown, rookie designer and his line is not just another T-shirt brand. In the same year, he released his clothing line, he received two invitations to fashion shows in California. While he turned down the Los Angeles showcase to be closer to home, he brought his family to attend the San Francisco Fashion Charity Show, which was dedicated to raising money for children and adults with learning disabilities. It was a great moment for Franky Baca as he had the opportunity to showcase his designs in his hometown and have his mother in attendance. A few months later, the Franky Baca Season 1 Collection would be picked up by two stores. These events laid the foundation for what has now become a very successful enterprise.

Franky Baca has recently signed with Making Stars Talent Agency, released the Franky Baca Season 4 Collection, and published a book titled Women Are Better, But Also My Irrational Thoughts and Theories, which goes into his thought process and teaches anyone how they can get into the fashion industry, including modeling and acting.

Despite the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Franky Baca continues to progress his brand and polish his skills. "Take advantage of every opportunity," is his message for his fans, "There are many ways to take advantage of the downtime we have during this pandemic, and how you approach this situation will determine how you shine when the world is up and running again."

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