A Fredericton High class ring makes it back to its owner, 25 years after it was lost

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A 25-year old mystery has been solved by social media, and it took just about an hour to do it.

It all started back in the 90's, when Kelley McGuire-Wilson, 27 at the time, was doing her laundry at a laundromat on Fredericton's north side.

"I was getting my clothes out of the dryer and while I was picking the clothes out a ring fell out and I picked it up and I thought, 'Oh oh, what am I going to do with this?'" she said.

McGuire-Wilson noticed it was a graduation ring from Fredericton High School, Class of 1993, and contacted the school to see if they could help track down the owner.

"Over the course of a couple of weeks they worked on that and they narrowed it down to one person they told me and they left a message for the last phone number they had for that person but nobody ever heard back from him." she said.

Kelley McGuire-Wilson/Facebook
Kelley McGuire-Wilson/Facebook

So she put the ring away in her jewelry box, and didn't think about it for a long time.

But last week, McGuire-Wilson, who now lives on Miscou Island, opened her jewellery box again.

"It was in a part of the jewelry box that I didn't open very often, like a false drawer at the top and I hardly ever looked in there and last week I opened up that top part and I saw it in there and I thought, 'You know what, I'm going to see if I can find the person on Facebook'." she said.

So she took some pictures, and posted them to social media.

That's when her friend, Maureen Williams got involved.

Williams said she used classmates.com, Google, and her sleuthing skills, to find the owner on Facebook.

"Oh my God, it's not even an hour," she said to McGuire-Wilson.

Maureen Williams/Facebook
Maureen Williams/Facebook

Williams left it up to her friend to contact the owner.

"We were so excited. She couldn't sleep and I was in tears 'cause we found him, you know, and solved this lovely mystery." she said.

Kelley McGuire-Wilson got in touch with Derron Duplacey, who lives in Ontario, and he was able to identify the ring by telling her what was engraved inside.

"He was very surprised, he was very shocked . He said, 'I never thought I'd see that ring again'," she said.

McGuire-Wilson packaged the ring and sent it off to Duplacey. Although they only communicated by Facebook, his gratitude was obvious.

"Thank you Kelley for finding it and holding onto my ring for so many years. It's amazing what can happen in today's digital age and how small our world really is," he wrote.

Kelley McGuire-Wilson/Facebook
Kelley McGuire-Wilson/Facebook

McGuire-Wilson said she's thankful she held onto the ring. And she's extremely grateful for the role social media played.

That comes as no surprise to Maureen Williams, who said her friend is special.

"Kelley's such a giving person and I was happy to help her with it. She would be the kind that would take that, in case someone took it and sold it, and she would try to track it down. She's just got a heart of gold." she said.

"A journey of 25 years has come to an end, it's lovely that we were able to do that for him."