Fredericton man ends 48 day hunger strike

Frederick Mwenengabo's medical team are urging him to stop his hunger strike.

A Fredericton man is calling off his hunger strike after living on only water and salts since March 4, saying he is satisfied with the response of the federal and provincial governments.

Frederick Mwenengabo was trying to draw attention to human rights abuses in Congo, his home country.

Mwenengabo's main goal was to convince Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the government of New Brunswick to boycott a Francophonie summit in Kinshasa, Congo in October 2012.

In a statement, his supporters said Mwenengabo has received assurance from the two levels of government that they will work on issues that will contribute to peace in Congo.

Mwenengabo's medical team arranged for him to be admitted to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital Friday night.

His condition is stable. He will gradually start refeeding over the next few days.

Mwenengabo lost well over 20 pounds during his 48 day strike.

He collapsed April 11 and was sent to hospital. He was diagnosed with a concussion but was later released.

At the time, he said he was determined to go through with his protest despite pleas from his medical team and supporters to stop.