Free bacon day, 4-day work week: Sask. kids play prime minister

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Free bacon day, 4-day work week: Sask. kids play prime minister

What would you do if you were prime minister of Canada?

Right now, a national CBC contest is asking kids under 14 that exact question. After the contest closes on May 3, a winner will be chosen, based on whether their suggestion is creative, original, positive and helpful. The winner and their family will receive a three-night stay in Ottawa during May or June, and $1,000 to spend on the trip.

To find out what Saskatchewan kids would do, Peter Mills with CBC Radio's The Morning Edition sat down with Grade 4 and 5 students at Regina's Lakeview Public School to hear their ideas.

2-for-1 day

Audrey said she would do a "buy one, get one free day" at all Canadian stores.

"I guess it would just be good for Canadians," she said.

"It would probably make a lot of people happy. And you could also get really expensive things for the price of one."

Fairs and chocolate fountains

Erisa doesn't think there is much to do in many Canadian cities and she has a plan to fix it.

"In every city, I would make a fair for a special day with chocolate and marshmallows," she said.

"I would just want to do something fun for all cities that don't have usually stuff to do."

Erisa said she would "very much" like to become prime minister some day and if she did, her office would have a chocolate fountain.

4-day week

Payton thinks there is too much school in one week. She would change that immediately.

"I'd make the school week four days, not five," she said. "So they have more time to relax and have fun."

Bacon day

Prime Minister Isiah would take one of his favourite foods into the homes of Canadians.

"Once every year, there would be an international bacon day and bacon would be free for the whole day," he said. "Because who doesn't love bacon?"

Naturally a leader of all people, Isiah wouldn't exclude vegetarians.

"You get tofu bacon."

Take-your-kid-to-work day

While the idea isn't entirely new, Jacob said he would make sure "take their kid to their job" day was more widespread.

"So the kids can see what they do and how their job works," he said. "And if people ask them what their parents do, they can tell them."

Jacob said he would also create a store where kids could have one free thing per month.


"So they don't have to whine and complain to their parents about getting something."

Free candy and coffee

Cassandra has a very detailed plan on how to treat Canadians of all ages.

"Kids 10 and under would get free candy from every store. And then kids that are 11 and older, they get free hot chocolate from every store. Once they get to 16, they get free coffee from every store."

But don't even think about requesting a different freebie.

When asked what would happen if adults wanted free candy instead of coffee, she said, "Then you'd have to pay."

Hotels and waterslides

Rylan said he would put more hotels across Canada and it would be mandatory for them to have waterslides.

"So the kids could be active instead of just being stuck in a room," he said.

"I don't think we have enough (hotels) and more people are coming to Canada."

Free-pizza Monday

Luke isn't a fan of Mondays.

"To make it better I would make it so you can have free pizza," he said. "It's just to make the Mondays better because they're the worst day of the week."

His plan includes building pizza factories in every province.

Sound great? There is a catch.

Luke said you'd have to pick it up.