#FreeBritney Protestors Gather Outside Courthouse for Conservatorship Hearing

Gary Trock

Britney Spears is about to hear what the future holds for her conservatorship, and the singer's supporters outside the courthouse are making it clear what they want the judge to do in the case.

Britney is set to arrive at an L.A. County Courthouse on Wednesday afternoon for a scheduled hearing in her conservatorship case.


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Hours before the case was called, the singer's grassroots movement was organized outside the courthouse with signs of support for the star.

"Give Britney Her Power" and "End The Conservatorship" the signs read.

The #FreeBritney movement has been extremely vocal about the singer's conservatorship, and want the judge in the case to end all control for the singer and restore her freedoms.

As we reported, the conservatorship has been under a microscope for months as the judge in the case appointed a special investigator to look at all aspects of the control around Britney's life.

Earlier this year, Britney showed up to court and demanded more freedoms in her life, as the conservatorship has the final say on all aspects of her personal and professional activities.

Sources close to the investigation tell us there was serious concern that certain people in Britney's life were pushing her beyond her capabilities, and with little regard for the toll it was taking on her mental health.

The drama began after the singer was admitted to a mental health facility after doctors began switching up her medications, and she spiraled out of control.

Since Britney has returned to society she has seemed to remain healthy, although it's unclear if ending her conservatorship is the best move for the star.