Freemen movement prompts CSIS, Alberta meeting

An Alberta government minister has met with Canada's spy agency to discuss concerns about Freemen-on-the-Land.

The meeting was one of a series of consultations that Manmeet Bhullar, Alberta's service minister, and Jonathon Denis, the province's justice minister, are holding with law enforcement groups to discuss the movement.

"It's very prudent for us to reach out," said Bhullar, who met yesterday with the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS).

It's not clear whether Denis or anyone else attended that meeting but Bhullar says the province is looking to know what intelligence may have been gathered on the growing movement.

Last month in Calgary, a man claiming to be a Freeman declared a Calgary rental home as his 'embassy.'

The day he was arrested, a trapper in northern Alberta received a call from another man claiming to be a Freeman, who told the trapper his property now belonged to him.

An arrest in that case was made this week.

Freemen don't believe in statute law and declare themselves to be independent of government jurisdiction.