Frustrated Stephen Colbert finally stumped by 'Lord of the Rings' trivia question

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd, who played Merry and Pippin respectively in the Lord of the Rings franchise, stopped by and actually stumped Colbert in Lord of the Rings trivia. Colbert is a J.R.R. Tolkien superfan and prides himself on his knowledge of the world and characters Tolkien created. But after getting the first question right with no problem whatsoever, Colbert met his match in Boyd.

“As you know, Merry and Pippin meet Treebeard, he is an Ent,” Boyd began. “The Ents have a meeting with Merry and Pippin, which is called an Entmoot. They have this Entmoot in Fangorn Forest. But where in Fangorn Forest?”

It was clear to all when Colbert made a face like he’d bitten into a sour fruit that he didn’t know the answer, and Monaghan and Boyd reacted with appropriate excitement. Monaghan stopped long enough to wonder if Colbert was “goosing” them, but he was not.

After racking his brain, with his head in his hand, Colbert finally admitted, “I don’t know. I don’t know the name of it.”

“Ladies and gentleman,” Boyd said, raising his arms, “stumped by Pippin!”

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