Fuel prices dive to start May

Fuel prices on P.E.I. are down across the board in the Island Regulatory and Appeal Commission's first of the month price review.

Gas prices saw the biggest drop.

- Gasoline prices are down 4.8 cents per litre to a minimum of $1.068.

- Heating oil prices fell 3.0 cents per litre to $0.754.

- Diesel prices dropped 4.0 cents per litre $1.104.

Propane prices also dropped for all three Island retailers.

- Down 3.7 cents per litre at Superior Propane $0.711.

- Down 2.9 cents per litre at Irving to $0.709.

- Down 1.5 cents per litre at Kenmac to $0.725.

Prices above are for bulk delivery.

IRAC said in a news release falling wholesale prices prompted the changes.

The next scheduled price review is May 15.

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