Fuller Avenue reconstruction still up in the air

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While the total costs for the Fuller Avenue and Robert Street East intersection upgrade project remain unknown, additional requirements keep bumping up the invoice.

During a recent council meeting, Penetanguishene councillors questioned the delay and alternate options for a quick solution after being presented with a consultant's report.

"My question is, during this process did they look at a three-way stop instead of putting a signalized intersection?" said Coun. Dan LaRose. "It would keep traffic moving and save us $300,000."

Public works director Bryan Murray said the recommendation to install a signal was part of a traffic impact study done by the St. Andrew's Village subdivision.

"The traffic volume and turning volumes at that intersection and the growth over the next 20 years necessitated the traffic signal at that intersection," he said. "Given the volume of traffic and truck traffic at the intersection, the study recommended it would be the best option."

Mayor Doug Leroux supported going ahead with the intersection option.

"I think I have to agree with the director that the best method there is the signalized method," he said. "There is an incredible volume coming out of Waypoint and the super jail and a three-way stop would not hold that much traffic. We also know there will be another subdivision in that area coming up."

Leroux asked Murray whether he had a final number for the project.

Murray said the requirement came after Greenland Consulting Engineers informed him that the proposed design would require additional land over and above what is currently available within the road allowance provided on Fuller Avenue. For this purpose, back in July, council approved an additional $50,000 for the environmental study. That, plus an equivalent design fee, brings the current total to $100,000.

"We will need to find out what the property requirements are through this class environmental study before we know what the total construction costs are," said Murray. "We need to know the detailed designs for the intersection."

Coun. Brian Cummings asked if that new design would include removing the gas meter that's there.

Murray said relocation of the the gas meter that's located on the inside of the east side of that intersection will be considered.

Mehreen Shahid, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, OrilliaMatters.com