This fully electric board lets you ‘surf’ the outdoors in style

·1 min read

For some of us, mobility vehicles with a step-through chassis are an essential part of our lives. GolfBoard, the company behind the electric mobility devices for golfers, has now created one for the outdoor enthusiast. ResortBoard is a personal transporter designed for large resorts, campgrounds, and more. Weighing 144 lbs, ResortBoard has a max carrying capacity of 400 lbs. When fully charged, ResortBoard has 15 miles of range or around 12.5 miles of range if off-roading. ResortBoard is powered by a 50 volt Li-Ion battery and has a top speed of 14 mph. The electric board includes 4 13-inch by 5-inch all-terrain tires and includes an undercarriage protection system. What would you do if you had a ResortBoard?

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