Fun, festivities at St. Theresa’s House Frenzy

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What do amusement park attractions, excellent weather, a live DJ, and hundreds of St. Theresa’s Catholic High School students have in common? The answer is House Frenzy 2022.

Influenced by the Harry Potter series of novels, students entering into the secondary school are sorted according to the alphabetical order of their names into one of four houses: Red House Raiders, Blue House Barracudas, Green House Lumberjacks; and Yellow House Argonaughts.

Student council member Ashley Erochko told MidlandToday the event had started in 2013 as an idea to show school spirit, and as a fun way to end the school year and house competition.

This year, 35 events were spread out on the field behind the school. Students were treated to carnival games such as high striker, archery, and bean bag toss; team games like the sack race and three-legged race; a field-length water slide; inflatable horse racing; disc golf; and more.

“Each activity that a student participates in contributes to their house team’s total amount of points,” noted Erochko. This is the last house event of the year, so students will be participating in hopes of winning the House Cup.

“This is the fourth House Frenzy that we’ve had,” said Erochko. “It’s supposed to happen every other year but because of COVID-19, we had to take a break.”

The pandemic was rough for many students.

“The virus has changed all of our lives a lot, it was harder to socialize with others, we feared the virus, and the changes that took place to our learning environment (online school, social distancing, etc.) caused many people to struggle.

“I remember in grade nine I was told that these would be the best four years of my life and I was so excited, but COVID-19 has caused me to lose a few years of that full normal high school experience. The school did great at keeping everyone happy, but there’s only so much that can be done when there’s a global pandemic,” Erochko admitted.

“This House Frenzy allows students to feel more of that normalcy again and experience the excitement that this event has to offer. It is a fantastic morale booster that will give everyone plenty of great long-lasting memories.”

A House Frenzy 2022 photo area was set up with a large number of available props and miscellaneous items, which many students took advantage of to ensure high school memories would remain for years to come.

Southern Georgian Bay OPP and Midland Fire Department attended on the sidelines with interactive areas for students to learn, hold, and use some of the equipment which the professionals use on a daily basis. Of popular interest was a large version of the Jenga wooden block removal game, played under supervision by students in protective gear, using hand axes and the portable hydraulic ‘jaws of life’.

Vice principal Megan Clarke echoed amazement in enjoying the fruition of the school spirit day, and thanked those that made it possible.

“Today is all due to the hard work of our student council and a group of very dedicated teachers who put today together, who made today happen, and who were here very early to set up and get everything ready,” Clarke shared. “We absolutely appreciate their efforts and their dedication to St. Theresa’s in making it a great school to be at.”

Derek Howard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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