Funding and donation furthers the work of PRWIN

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It’s been an exciting week for the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network.

On Monday, Oct. 18, PRWIN met with David Piccini, minister of the environment, conservation and parks and Lisa Thompson, minister of agriculture and rural affairs, near the lakeshore in Point Clark and learned that it would receive a provincial grant of $60,000 to fund outreach, education and guidance to local farmers and landowners to implement agricultural best practices, such as using plantings to reduce soil erosion and livestock stream crossings to keep manure out of the water.

The funding is a $2.5 million commitment by the province to fund 19 projects geared to protecting the health of the Great Lakes, part of its commitment in the recently signed Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes Water Quality and Ecosystem Health. These projects will help improve the water quality of the world’s largest freshwater lake system by helping farmers and landowners adopt green infrastructure projects and best practices that improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations while reducing the amount of contaminants and excess nutrients, like excess phosphorous, entering the Great Lakes.

"Ontario farmers work hard every day to protect the environment by using agricultural best management practices on their farms," said Thompson "By further supporting our farmers in the implementation of the latest sustainable farming practices through this funding, they are protecting lakes and waterways and improving soil health".

Donald Farrell, director of PRWIN was on hand to acknowledge the funding commitment.

"We are thankful for the government’s support and opportunity to showcase the important work and programming that the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network has done, and continues to do, to improve the local water quality of Lake Huron and the Pine River Watershed," said Farrell.

And on Oct. 20, PRWIN was presented with a $1,000 donation from Greenfield Global out of Tiverton.

Kathleen Ackert, QA coordinator for Greenfield Global, said the donation was made to PRWIN on behalf of the company as part of the company consumer day, a day devoted to educating staff on how to be better consumers.

“The donation from Greenfield will be for an awareness initiative set up by our People & Culture committee to encourage employees to be green consumers,” said Ackert. “It aligns with Greenfield’s vision of doing its part to help the planet achieve <350ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere.”

David Grant, chairperson for PRWIN, said the Greenfield Global donation will be directed to the purchase of trees for spring planting and the community planting day, which is the first Saturday in May.

“This is a community organization,” said Grant. “I am a resident of the shoreline. (PRWIN) is about shoreline residents and farmers getting together to improve the water quality going into Lake Huron. This impacts the three beaches in our community directly.”

Tammy Schneider, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Kincardine Independent

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