Fundraiser for Rocanville's Bob Wilkie

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Bob Wilkie has been a mainstay in the Rocanville community for years. He was the town foreman for over a decade before retiring in early 2020.

After retiring, Wilkie and his wife Norma decided to move to Teulon, Manitoba to be closer to their daughter this summer.

Shortly after making the move, Wilkie was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer.

He’s currently receiving treatment as he battles for his life.

In Wilkie’s time living in the Rocanville community he was known for his sincere kindness and big smile.

Before moving, he and his wife had an impact on friend Kyla Fingas who has known them for years.

Upon finding out about Wilkie’s diagnosis, Fingas wanted to do something to lend a helping hand in a hard situation.

She decided to set up a fundraiser to help Bob and Norma.

Donations can be made at any Conexus Credit Union branch or mail donations can be sent to Conexus Credit Union PO Box 519, Rocanville, SK, S0A 3L0.

Contactless donations can be made by e-transferring to

For anybody wanting to send well wishes and words of comfort to Bob and Norma, they can do so by emailing

Fingas says it was a no-brainer to do this for the Wilkies because it’s what they would do for others in the community they’ve been a part of for over 30 years.

“I’ve known Bob and Norma for years and wanted to do something to help them out,” said Fingas. “I thought opening up an account for people to send donations to at Conexus would be the best way to do it.”

Wilkie is the type of person that makes people feel good when they’re around him and Fingas says he deserves to feel the love and support of others during this battle.

“Bob’s fantastic,” she said.

“He’s very caring and my husband and I have known him for years and we wanted to do what we could to help him out.”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Fingas says the best way to show support to the Wilkies during this time is a donation and a message to show how much people care about them.

“After talking to a mutual friend we thought maybe this was a good way we could help out,” she said. “Seeing as how we can’t do meals for them or other things you might do for somebody going through this because of Covid-19, we thought this would be a good option to show support.”

Rocanville is one of those small towns where people rally together when others are in need and the fundraiser for the Wilkie’s reflects that.

“I think this is pretty typical of a small town community wanting to help out somebody who’s going through a tough time,” she said. “This is just what came natural to us to help somebody who deserves it.”

Rob Paul, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator