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Funky Stanley cup? This bottle brush will get it 'squeaky clean' and it's on sale for just $10 (that's 40% off)

You never know what's lurking in the bottom of your reusable receptacles — you might not be washing them enough.

Whether you like sipping from your Stanley cup or you prefer to chug from an Owala bottle, there's one thing fans of both beverage vessels can agree on: dishwashers are not always an option when you use them every day. In that case, we have a deal that you might just want to check out. The Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush is on sale at Amazon for just $10, down from $17 — that's 40% off!

With a long and sturdy handle and silicone bristles, this brush can get your bottle squeaky clean. 

$12 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Having a clean, germ-free water bottle is priceless, which makes ten bucks for something to do the dirty work for you a bargain. The price of this bottle hasn't dipped this low since the holidays.

Why do I need this?

While the Stanely cup is dishwasher-safe, you may not want to run your dishwasher every day, but you should clean your reusable cups and bottles every day, according to Dr. Alexander Mortensen, family medicine physician at the Mayo Clinic Health System.

“Water bottles are just like any other container that we use for our food or beverages and can harbor bacteria both from water sources or, more likely, our own mouths,” Mortenson told Yahoo Life. “Bacteria and mold require very little to grow, and they have everything they might need in a water bottle.”

If you've been putting off solving your bottle-cleaning problem for a little too long, this doodad has a handle that extends just enough to get to the bottom of a standard water bottle or down a narrow glass. It's made with silicone which means it won't scratch and it's sturdy enough that it's not going to break if you apply any pressure. The head has soft bristles and is small so it can fit in narrow bottle openings.

bottle brush in bottlees
You never know what's lurking in the bottom of your bottle. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 9,000 Amazon shoppers gush about how clean it gets their goods.

"Plastic brush bristles get floppy in hot water - not this!" shared a rave reviewer. "The silicone brush is useful in and around the kitchen sink drain where goop collects heading to the garbage disposal. It's useful in scrubbing some gunk-accumulating spots in a dishwasher."

"I've been using cheap nylon bottle brushes," a happy shopper wrote. "They held up for a long time until they started to show rust where the bristles connect to the rest of the brush. I bought these because they are much more hygienic than nylon and for their ease of cleaning. These don't hold soap as well as nylon brushes, you will need to use a little more when cleaning your stuff. Glad I switched over and I would recommend these over nylon brushes any day!"

"This will get your bottles squeaky clean," promised a five-star fan. "I love that it doesn't keep any gunk or residue. Durable and compact."

"I have always struggled to get the bottom of glasses or bottles cleaned with a dish rag," a rave reviewer shared. "I have purchased other bottle cleaners and they always end up falling apart, smelling yucky, binding and causing issues. I love this one though it is sturdy and the little rubber ends act like little fingers. I have been able to clean the bottom of glasses and bottles with ease and have not had to worry about the yucky smell, broken stems, or bristles falling out. I love my little scrubber!"

"I use this for our pour-over coffee pot and water bottles," wrote a satisfied customer. "It also works well on pots and pans, anything that needs a little extra scrubbing. Also: a great benefit is it cleans easily (pop on dishwasher if you like) and doesn’t smell like sponges and other similar items can."

Stop that mold and bacteria before it starts! 

$12 at Amazon

Don't have a Stanley cup? Amazon is stocked with the viral tumblers,

The Quencher holds a whopping 40 ounces of your favorite beverage, perfect for those who want to stay hydrated throughout the day. It keeps drinks cold for 11 hours and iced for two days. Unlike most tumblers of its size, it's compatible with most cup holders.  

$45 at Amazon
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$45 at Nordstrom$45 at L.L.Bean

If that's not your style, the Owala is the other bottle shoppers love.

This sleek bottle comes in four sizes: 16, 24, 32 and 40 ounces, plus the standard 24-ounce size is narrow enough to fit in most car cup holders. 

$25 at Amazon

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