FurFriendlyNL aims to make it easier to explore the province with furry friends

FurFriendlyNL aims to make it easier to explore the province with furry friends

A Stephenville man is hoping to make it easier for people to explore the province with their furry family members.

John Cherwinski launched the website FurFriendlyNL, a new website aimed at connecting travellers with pet-friendly accommodations across the province.

The inspiration for the site came from his own experiences travelling with MacKenzie, his 85-pound Bernese mountain dog, he said.

"We could end up spending a whole day just trying to call places to find out whether they would accept our dog or not," he told CBC's St. John's Morning Show on Monday.

'Pet-friendly' might not be so friendly

The Newfoundland and Labrador tourism site currently lists about 170 spots across the province as being "pet-friendly," he said, but that label can often come with restrictions.

Some places put weight or height limits on the pets they'll put up, he said, or charge additional fees for four-legged companions.

"You'd actually have to call each and every spot and find out what actually they accept," he said.

That can put a damper on spontaneous or last-minute trips, he said, and can often put a pet in the car overnight to sleep.

"It's probably the most frustrating part of travelling," he said.

'Have the province already covered'

With FurFriendlyNL, Cherwinski hopes to get all that necessary extra information about fees and restrictions out in the open and easier for travellers to track down.

He's also planning to have decals made so businesses offering accommodations that truly are fur friendly can display the stickers in the windows, letting travellers know their furry friends are welcome.

Though his website is only two weeks old, he's already sent out a survey to all 170 of those places listed as pet-friendly on the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism website. So far, 17 places from across the province have gotten back to him.

"We pretty much already have the province already covered if someone wanted to travel across this great province," Cherwinski said.