Former student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois poised to run for Québec Solidaire

Former student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois appears poised to make the leap into provincial politics with the small, left-wing party Québec Solidaire.

Nadeau-Dubois is expected to announce he will run in the Montreal riding of Gouin, sources tell Radio-Canada.

The seat has been vacant since the departure of Françoise David, one of the party's founders.

He is also considered a candidate to become party co-spokesperson, alongside Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques MNA Manon Massé.

On Tuesday, after Radio-Canada reported his intentions, Nadeau-Dubois said on Twitter he would hold a news conference concerning his "political future" on Thursday.

Québec Solidaire has been trying to recruit the charismatic leader for years.

Nadeau-Dubois, now 26, emerged as a dynamic force during the so-called Maple Spring student protests in 2012.

Amir Khadir and Massé, the party's two remaining MNAs, have both said he would be ideally suited to joined the party.

Since leaving student politics, Nadeau-Dubois has published a book, Tenir tête, which won the 2014 Governor General's Literary Award for non-fiction.

Last fall, Nadeau-Dubois, along with several other prominent progressives in a project called Faut qu'on se parle ("We have to talk"), held discussion forums across the province about changes they wanted to see in Quebec society.