Have a Galaxy S23? Samsung will give you $550 to upgrade

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 laying on a shelf with its screen turned on.
Samsung Galaxy S24 Joe Maring / Digital Trends

If you’re super keen to upgrade to the latest Samsung Galaxy S24, go direct to the source with Samsung offering one of the best phone deals around. Whether you’re buying a Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, or Galaxy S24 Ultra, there are big savings to be enjoyed here. In particular, if you’re upgrading from last year’s model, you can enjoy $550 trade-in when going from the Galaxy S23 to any of the new Samsung Galaxy S24 range. Even better, there’s $650 trade-in value for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus when upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, or you can enjoy $750 trade-in value when upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Sound good? It gets even better. Here’s what else you need to know.

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Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 range

The Samsung Galaxy S24 range is a pretty special one that’s set to launch very soon. In particular, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a delight. It has a slightly larger screen than the S23 being 6.2-inches rather than 6.1, while the S24 Plus is now 6.7 inches. They both have a completely flat frame with a matte finish that looks great. On the inside, One UI 6 is highly appealing with AI-assisted software ensuring your photos look better than ever and the software boasting some impressive translation features.

Then there’s the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra which may lack 10x optical zoom like before but is otherwise great with its 200MP main camera, 12MP wide-angle lens, and a pair of telephoto cameras too. A 50MP telephoto camera offers a 5x optical zoom, while its 10MP telephoto provides a 3x optical zoom. We’re counting on this phone to ride high in our look at the best Android phones as well as the best phones overall.

While each of the phones in the Samsung Galaxy S24 range is worth every cent, there are ways to save even more than via the trade-in values we listed above. Besides the exceptional trade-in values that come from having a Samsung Galaxy S23 phone, you also get $25 Samsung credit when upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S24, along with double the storage for free, and a 5% student discount. Even better, use our link and you get an extra $50 Samsung credit so that works out at $75 overall.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and the benefits are even better. There’s $75 Samsung credit, double the storage, and a 7.5% student discount. On top of that, our link boosts that Samsung credit by $50 so you get $125 overall which is perfect for snapping up some earbuds for free. When buying the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the credit is $100 as standard with an extra $50 through our link, while the student discount is a hefty 15%.

Whichever Samsung Galaxy S24 deal sounds right for you, you’re going to need to be pretty quick as these are pre-order deals. Once the pre-order deal ends, don’t count on making such hefty savings again. Check them all out now by clicking through below and see how much you can save with your trade-in.

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