Gaming with your grandma who is built into four 'Granny Games.'

Gaming with your grandma who is built into four 'Granny Games.'

A New Brunswick man is memorialising his loved ones in a unique way with "Granny Games." 

Chad Comeau has created a series of four mini-video games, each in tribute to his grandmothers.  

"You know, people memorialise family members in all sorts of ways," said Comeau. "They remember them through photos, or stories, or videos. So could video games fill that role as well?" 

Each's granny get their own pixel-art avatar in the games menu and each game plays differently based on who's story the player chooses. 

One game features a grandmother waking up in a post-apocalyptic world, ready to share her skills of cooking and gardening. Another is a simulated visit with Grandma Margie Beaver who answers questions and regales building a family. 

"It was a good life," grandma Beaver explains in-game. "A very, very, good life." 

Beaver supplied the voicing and photos for the game starring herself. She shifts quickly from telling tales to filling stomachs. 

"Hey, would you like a cookie? Or some date-squares or brownies? Freshly baked!" 

The digital platform of gaming is just another medium in which to tell a story said Comeau. 

"And you're not restricted to an order, you can choose which part of the story you want to hear first," said Comeau. "It's immersive, and for me a deeply personal project." 

Some of the game featured relatives have already passed away, but Comeau says they get an extra life as the live on in the game.  

But some have gotten to actually play the game.  

"I showed one of my grandmas and she thought it was cute," said Comeau. "She liked it and at 85 years old. I don't think she ever expected to be in a video game."