Gangster's prison sentence expired 5 days before he's accused of killing Calgary mother

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Talal Amer, 29, is wanted on Canada-wide warrants. He is accused of killing an innocent bystander in a crash after chasing and shooting at another car. (Calgary Police Service  - image credit)
Talal Amer, 29, is wanted on Canada-wide warrants. He is accused of killing an innocent bystander in a crash after chasing and shooting at another car. (Calgary Police Service - image credit)

The Calgary gangster wanted on Canada-wide warrants in connection with the death of a mother of five finished his sentence for firearm and drug crimes a few days before he's accused of a high speed chase involving gunfire, according to documents from the Parole Board of Canada (PBC).

Talal Amer, 29, faces charges of attempted murder, manslaughter, reckless discharge of a firearm, and several other gun-related offences stemming from a car chase and shooting incident last Tuesday, which ended in a crash involving two unrelated vehicles.

Angela McKenzie was killed in the crash. Her death left five children – who lost their father three months ago – orphaned. The man being chased managed to run away after the crash but was found nearby suffering from gunshot wounds.

Amer and the 2015 gang war

The shooting and fatal crash happened on Tuesday May 10.

Just five days earlier, on May 5, 2022, Amer's previous sentence had expired, meaning he wasn't under any conditions and he was no longer under the authority of the PBC. Documents show however, that he was subject to a lifetime weapons prohibition.

The parole board documents tell the story of a violent drug dealer motivated by "greed" who continued to offend while in prison, while on release and allegedly, within days of his sentence expiration.

Amer is well known to Calgary police and played a role, alongside his brother and two cousins, in Calgary's 2015/2016 gang war marked by family ties and gun violence.

In 2016, Calgary police arrested eight men in connection with at least 10 attempted murders including Amer, two of his brothers and two cousins, Badar and Abdul Amer.

'Money, prestige, and entitlement'

Around that time, Amer was identified by police as a drug dealer with ties to organized crime, according to the PBC documents.

"Despite official information, you denied being part of any organized criminal organization," wrote board member J. Hill.

"Ultimately, it was the ability to make a significant amount of money, prestige, and entitlement along with involvement with negative associates are all contributing factors in your offending."

In 2019, Amer was facing six charges of attempted murder in connection with the violence.

He ultimately pleaded guilty to lesser offences and began a three-year prison stint that same year.

Amer's first release from prison

While in prison, Amer faced "serious charges" related to weapons, drugs, fecal bombing and threats, according to the documents.

He was involved in an assault on a fellow inmate which caused severe injuries and required hospitalization.

On May 4, 2021, Amer hit his statutory release date and was allowed to live in the city with his wife and child.

Stat release is when an offender has completed two thirds of their sentence and lives in the community, often under conditions, so that they can begin reintegrating.

Amer was under conditions to stay away from anyone with known ties to organized crime. He also had to abide by a curfew and was ordered to provide detailed cell phone information to his parole supervisor which would allow them to access and monitor his text messages, call logs, instant messaging and emails.

Involved with police 6 days after release

Just six days after being let out into the community that May, Amer was suspected of fleeing police at a "high speed" during a traffic stop in a playground zone.

Amer initially denied being in the vehicle and lied to police, changing his story several times before he was confronted with evidence gathered by investigators.

According to Amer, it was his cousin who was driving.

That cousin had been "involved in a large physical confrontation" at a family event around the same time.

"Any association with him will increase your risk to re-offend," wrote the PBC.

Family ties to gang war

On Aug. 20, 2021 Amer's statutory release was revoked because of the flight from police, but he was released from prison again after the board ruled he did not present an "undue risk" to the community.

He faced a similar set of conditions as before, save for an additional one added by the PBC — he was to have no contact with his cousin.

The cousin's name has been redacted from the documents.