Garden boxes help Whitehorse food bank grow its resources

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The Whitehorse food bank has a new resource to help feed its clients.

Garden Boxes have been built at the downtown centre, and the veggies are now starting to grow.

Dave Blottner, executive director of the Whitehorse Food Bank, says the 46 boxes are the latest measure from the food bank to help feed hungry Yukoners.

"This year especially with the cost of food going up, the food bank has always had a strong belief in fresh produce and making sure our clients can access that."

Blottner said growing their own food helps cut purchasing costs, but it has an even greater value than that.

"The food that comes out of the garden … helps us with food security, food sovereignty and it's giving more nutritious food to our clients."

The garden was supported by Ketza Construction Corporation and Elemental Farms who have helped out with the garden's consultation and construction.

George Maratos/ CBC
George Maratos/ CBC

Blottner said the first veggies from the garden boxes should be ready in a couple of weeks.

He said there are radishes, carrots, kale, lettuce, potatoes, and even some herbs in the boxes; tomatoes and cucumbers are being grown in a greenhouse.

They are now delivering to surrounding communities as well, something he said has taken a lot of work. But he said it's been really rewarding to serve more of the territory.

"It feels good. I think a lot of Yukoners wanted to make sure that it wasn't just Whitehorse that was taken care of."

Anyone who wants to get their hands dirty is welcome to stop by the food bank to help out in the garden.

"Anyone who wants to volunteer and work in the garden is more than welcome to … We're happy for the help," he said. "We wouldn't get by without our volunteers."

George Maratos / CBC
George Maratos / CBC
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