Garland details federal review of police response to Uvalde school shooting

Attorney General Merrick Garland outlined details of the Justice Department’s critical incident review of the police response to the May 24 school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Video Transcript

MERRICK GARLAND: I know I speak for all of us, and I think I speak for everyone in the country, saying our hearts are broken by what happened in Uvalde. There is nothing that we can do that can undo the pain, borne both by the survivors, families of the victims, and the community, and the country. But the independence, and transparency, and expertise of the Justice Department can go a long way toward assessing what happened in Uvalde with respect to the law enforcement response and to giving guidance for the future.

And that's what we're here for today. The Justice Department is undertaking a critical incident review of the law enforcement response that day at the request of the Uvalde mayor. The review will be comprehensive. It will be transparent. And it will be independent.

We will be assessing what happened that day. We will be doing site visits at the school. We will be conducting interviews of an extremely wide variety of stakeholders-- witnesses, families, law enforcement, government officials, school officials. And we will be reviewing the resources that were made available in the aftermath. The review will culminate in a final report, which will include our findings and recommendations. And it will be made public.