Gas shortage in western Newfoundland causing backups at the pumps


A gas shortage in western Newfoundland is causing lineups at the pumps as residents hurry to get their vehicles filled before gas completely runs dry at service stations in the region.

As of Thursday afternoon, Pasadena Irving says they are completely out of gas and are advising customers to fill their vehicles as the gas supply will be very limited for approximately a week, according to a post made by the business on Facebook. 

"There is a major problem with the loading rack that loads the fuel trucks," the post continued. 


However, one gas station in St. Anthony says the shortage could end as early as Friday morning.

"We haven't run out of gas yet," said Penny Kinsella who works at Irving, early Thursday evening.

"We've been really, really busy, but we're supposed to get fuel again tomorrow morning at 11. So we might be only a little while, probably tonight and half tomorrow, without gas here."

Kinsella said customers didn't really seem to mind the lineups.

"They're just going along with it, doing what they can, filling up everything they got. We're supposed to have a delivery tomorrow, and it's supposed to be straightened out by Saturday."

Mechanical issue at terminal

Jon Harding of Imperial Oil said a mechanical issue occurred at the petroleum products terminal in Corner Brook that has affected the loading of gasoline to their wholesale customers.

"They're currently not able to load their normal volumes of regular, unleaded and premium unleaded gasoline," Harding told CBC News.

"We've ordered some equipment to carry out that repair. Unfortunately, it was held up in transit. We believe this is a temporary issue until we fix it."


Harding said only gasoline is affected by the mechanical problem, no other petroleum products, and added whole sale customers who distribute the gasoline to various parts of the province can still get smaller volumes at the terminal.

"We're working with them closely to try to accommodate their needs," he said.

"We're also working with them to see if they can secure product from other supply points in the province, but that would be on the other side of Newfoundland."

Harding added he can't speculate on how long it will take for the new part to arrive to the terminal but said it's on the way and when repairs will be completed.  

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