Gatineau Park closed due to icy conditions

Gatineau Park delays opening date for campgrounds and parkways

Treacherous ice and falling branches have forced the temporary closure of Gatineau Park, the National Capital Commission announced Monday.

In a news release, the National Capital Commission blamed the closure on the spring storm that descended on the region Sunday.

NCC spokesperson Dominique LeBlanc confirmed the entire park is closed for safety reasons.

LeBlanc said because the storm struck between seasons, only walkers and hikers — not skiers or campers — will be affected by the closure.

She added that the park has only closed two or three times in the past 20 years, each time due to similar icy weather.

LeBlanc said Gatineau Park will reopen once it's deemed safe, an assessment that won't necessarily coincide with the melting of the ice.

"When it clears up, it might look safe ... but we have to assess if there are more branches that are falling, things like that," she said.

LeBlanc urged visitors to stay away from the park until the NCC advises it's safe.