Gatineau police seek man accused of luring teen

Police have issued an arrest warrant for a 35-year-old Gatineau man they say lured a teen girl to his home, and say they're concerned there could be other victims.

Gatineau police said they conducted a raid on Feb. 22 at 66 Rue Vaudreuil in Gatineau, a former home of the accused, after receiving a tip from the parents of a girl under 16.

The man is wanted on charges including sexual touching, invitation to sexual touching, internet luring and making sexually explicit material available to a child.

Police said the accused used apps and sites popular among teens to "engage in conversations of a sexual nature" and exchange intimate pictures and videos.

In the instance police are aware of, he managed to lure a teen to his home "with the intention of having sexual contact with her."

The accused is considered dangerous, and anyone who sees him should use caution and not attempt to intercept him, police said.

Used Whisper dating site, Kik app

Police said the accused communicates with potential victims in English. He gives his name on the Whisper dating site as Rick and claimed he was 19, police said.

He also chatted using the Kik application with the username "buck foy" and the login name He also used the email addresses and

Police credited the teen's parents, who took screenshots from their daughter's mobile device to aid the investigation. Police are warning parents and teens to be careful who they chat with. 

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact 911 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.