Gayle King shares update following Oprah’s hospitalization

Gayle King assured Oprah Winfrey fans that the talk show trailblazer is doing OK after her recent hospitalization for what King previously said was a “serious” stomach issue.

“I’m here to tell you, favorite listeners, Oprah is OK!” the “CBS Mornings” host said on her SiriusXM program, “Gayle King in the House.”

King alarmed Winfrey fans earlier this week by claiming her BFF was hospitalized with “stuff was coming out of both ends” and required an IV to deal with the matter.

According to King, she and Winfrey were both surprised by the way many people reacted to Winfrey’s medical situation and how the news was revealed.

“She was fine and she is fine,” King said, before addressing the chatter that she shared too much personal information. “The headline is ‘Oprah Hospitalized, Best Friend Overshares.’ I didn’t overshare. This is the thing.”

King said she would have been just as colorful describing her own stomach flu.

“When I called [Oprah], told her, she goes, ‘I don’t know why people are acting like diarrhea is unusual,'” King claimed. “‘Sometimes people have it.'”

Winfrey supposedly wasn’t upset that King shared somewhat graphic details of her stomach bug, but was surprised “everybody she’s ever known her entire life” checked in to see if she was going to recover.

“She’s OK,” King repeated. “She had a IV drip and she is really, really fine.”