GCTA holds AGM: creating and maintaining trails for over 25 years

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GUYSBOROUGH – The Guysborough County Trails Association (GCTA) held its first annual general meeting (AGM) in two years – with the delay due to COVID-19 – on April 26. Although meetings weren’t held, work on the trails in Guysborough County did not stop over the past two years. The small group of volunteers worked tirelessly, as they have for more than 25 years, building and maintaining 56 kilometres of trail in the county.

Over the past two years some of the developments and completed projects include the installation of new bridges, culverts, interpretative panels and signs. Ongoing projects include efforts to widen the McAllister Bridge on the trail in Ogden and rebuild the Hippie Camp near Salmon River Lake.

Efforts are ongoing to replace and install signage and clear trails of windfalls, leaning trees and garbage.

Association Chair Philip Hochman told the meeting that he would continue to fill that position for the time being, but another person needed to step up to fill the role.

Angie Tavares, director, Recreation & Special Projects at the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG), noted that since 1996, Hochman had applied for and generated more than one million dollars in funding for the GCTA; money that came into Guysborough County that wouldn’t have if the trails association hadn’t brought it to the area.

Donnie Cox, a long-time member of the association, also said this would be his last year with the organization. The soon-to-be 94-year-old said of his time in the organization, “I enjoyed it very much but it’s starting to interfere with my gardening.”

Planning is underway, a collaboration between the MODG and the GCTA, to hold ATV rallies in the late spring/early summer and the fall.

New members and work crew volunteers are always welcome and can contact Hochman at philiphochman44@gmail.com or Ira Corkum at jaabrbai83@hotmail.com for more information.

Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Guysborough Journal

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