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Thursday 16, July

The Moon and Venus align in your stars today making this the perfect moment to focus on what you love. Plus, you're feeling exceptionally sweet, beautiful and even magical. Enjoy the cosmic boost and take advantage of this lovely influence immediately. This fabulous glow-up won't last much longer.

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Wednesday 15, July

Today's lunar activity is all about you finally catching up on proper rest, Gemini. Use this time to relax and stop forcing yourself to stay super busy. It's essential that you stay in your power, as some unexpected secrets may come to light later in the day. Stay as grounded as possible - there is nothing to fear.

Tuesday 14, July

The Moon is working with Uranus today to bring you all of the communication power you could ever want or need, Gemini. You're totally on fire when it comes to speaking your truth and getting your message out there to the masses. You have an edge of creativity and confidence in your quick intellect. Now that Mercury Retrograde is over, this is even more potent.

Monday 13, July

Today's lunar influence pushes all your buttons with friends and colleagues. You are fired up and ready to fight for justice. You can't stand seeing your friends getting pushed around or treated unfairly. Yet you might speak faster than you can comprehend and say things you regret. Angry retorts can easily backfire.

Sunday 12, July

Mercury Retrograde officially ends today, Gemini. This is amazing news, as nothing feels right when your ruling planet is moving slowly and awkwardly. Finances should begin to improve soon, and you might be able to figure out something that's perplexed you since the end of April - clarity feels good.

Saturday 11, July

The Moon is in your social zone while Chiron stations retrograde in the same part of your chart late tonight. There is a powerful emphasis on friends and groups at the moment, and you can use the next few months to gently get to the root of any childhood wounds you still carry - especially any connected to not fitting in.

Friday 10, July

With the Moon in Pisces again today, your career is swirling with powerful creativity and potential. The Sun and Moon are in a trine, making it even easier for you to push in the direction your heart is leading you in. Lean all the way into your success, Gemini.

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