Genesis GV60 shows more of itself, this time in white

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Genesis unboxed an additional selection of photos and bombast concerning the design of its new GV60 electric hatchback. Neither the images nor the words do much to illuminate aspects of the GV60 we're really keen to know about, like tech specs and feature options and interior materials, but there are two enlightening sentences. The first describes what Genesis calls the "Volt-DLO concept," being the chrome strip running above the side windows. It begins at the A-pillar and arcs ever-so-slightly downward toward the C-pillar, where it cuts a sharp "V" before resuming its run to the base of the hatch window, ending next to the rear spoiler.

The second phrase concerns the Crystal Sphere, the laser-etched glow globe on one side and shifter on the other. Genesis tell us that it will not allow the vehicle to be put into gear during charging, a kind of mood-lit failsafe for drivers.

And just like the automaker did when it failed to mention wireless charging the first time around, Genesis didn't mention another novel feature. This would be the filament of red light running across the rear spoiler, which we suppose will act as a third brake light.

Our favorite three words in the Genesis press release, however, probably weren't meant to picked up. Someone named two of the new batch of photos, a front-three-quarter and a rear-three-quarter image, "GV60 FIXED FUEL HOLE." It's so gloriously awkward and municipal, like a state utility marker near a natural gas facility, that we'd be the first to sign a petition for Genesis to retain that name for the actual car. Or the actual car's fuel hole, at least.

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