George Clooney cheers up with John Oiver with a star-studded gift

To close out the season finale of Last Week Tonight on Sunday, host John Oliver reflected on the past season that saw him eventually make the move back into a studio. But he said that he was actually feeling a little down, especially after revealing that despite being back in a studio, he still hasn’t seen much of his staff since March of 2020.

“And though I am definitely looking forward to next year, there is no question that it has been difficult spending so much of this one in isolation,” Oliver said.

And who better to come and help cheer up Oliver than George Clooney? The star appeared earlier in the season during an episode every time Oiliver snapped his fingers, so the host tried it again and there was Clooney. Only this time, the movie star gave Oliver the power to summon any celebrity with a snap of his fingers, but only for a few minutes. And while the gift had good intentions, it didn’t quite go as planned for Oliver.

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