Georgetown was chasing about $110,000 in sewage arrears but then stopped

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GEORGETOWN – The town's sewage corporation was chasing $110,172.91 in outstanding utility charges in late November.

But as of Dec. 30, the Supreme Court of P.E.I. claim has been discontinued, and the land now belongs to the municipality of Three Rivers.

The hefty arrears, which include the accrued interest, were outlined in a statement of claim submitted by Georgetown Sewage Collection and Treatment Corporation on Nov. 24. The property in question is located between George Street and Glenelg Street, right beside the Three Rivers Sportsplex, and the defendant is listed as N. David Lowther.

Since December, The Guardian has been in touch with the corporation to attempt to get more information on this claim. However, Three Rivers' community services manager said the corporation has now opted to refrain from answering questions.

"It's a legal matter and it's been settled," Dorothy Macdonald said on Jan. 25.

Macdonald had noted that the overdue charges have been accumulating for multiple years. According to the November statement, Lowther had either failed or was refusing to pay the charges "despite various demands".

The statement reads that Three Rivers, which Georgetown is a part of, put a lien on the property, so that if the property were sold it would go toward recovering the unpaid charges.

A property transaction filed with the provincial deeds registry states that it was given to the municipality for five dollars on Dec. 30. It also states that Lowther had owned the property since 1974.

The Guardian was unsuccessful in reaching Lowther for comment using the available information.

Daniel Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Guardian