Georgetown needs 'backup plan' during power outages, resident says

The mayor of the amalgamated Three Rivers municipality says staff will look at ways to better serve the area of Georgetown during extended power outages.

During post-tropical storm Dorian, warming centres were set up in Cardigan and Montague, but not Georgetown.

"I certainly agree there needs to be something in Georgetown for when those power outages happen," said Mayor Ed MacAulay.

"I think we're all more aware now that these power outages can happen and will happen and we need to be prepared for them."

Some residents in areas around Georgetown were without power for about five days.

Sarah MacMillan/CBC

"Five days is a long time to not have a shower," said Stacy Toms of the Maroon Pig Art Gallery and Sweet Shop in Georgetown.

"We need a backup plan."

Possible sites

Toms suggested Kings Playhouse or the Three Rivers Sportsplex as possible sites where the municipality could set up a generator to accommodate residents without power during a storm.

MacAulay said he will ask staff to look into different options as winter approaches.

"We are responsible for the whole area now and we have to take these needs and make them a priority to make sure that people are getting the proper resources during these kinds of outages, to make them as available and as successful as possible."

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