Georgia really has a DJ booth in its locker room (Video)

(AP Photo/Brett Davis)

If you came up with a list of things a team needs in its locker room, a recent addition to Georgia’s locker room probably wouldn’t be on it.

OK, not probably. It definitely wouldn’t be on it.

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Yes, that is a DJ booth with running back Sony Michel showing a little something on the turntables.

I’ll admit, it looks pretty cool and is something that will appeal to recruits — no matter the practicality. Will UGA have a DJ at its disposal to entertain players at all times, or will the booth simply just be a fancy way for the team to provide a locker room soundtrack? I’d guess the latter, with a DJ coming in for special occasions.

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This really isn’t anything too outlandish compared to some of the things we’ve seen at football facilities across the country. I mean, Clemson’s facility has a dang slide from the second floor to the first, so there’s no reason to get too grumpy about this one. It’s just another example of the money these programs will spend to attract players.

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