Geraldo explains why he backed out of his possible Senate run: 'It’s a daunting task'

Geraldo Rivera’s whirlwind, nearly 24-hours as a possible Senate candidate came to an end on Thursday, and he explained why during his regular appearance on Hannity. On Wednesday, Rivera posted a tweet stating that he was “pondering” making a run for the seat left open by Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, who will not seek reelection in 2022. Less than 24 hours later, he posted another tweet saying it’s not gonna happen. Rivera explained that he and his wife Erica had gotten a little ahead of themselves.

“Erica and I were thinking about it. Our dreams got ahead of our plan. You know, I regret that we went public with this before we had formulated an idea, ya know, anything more than an idea. I apologize for it,” Rivera said. “I am not running for the Senate seat in the great state of Ohio. I thought I could do good as a Republican moderate, but, ya know, it is a daunting task and I’ll leave it to a younger man, Sean.”