German-Israeli clash erupts over Gaza famine issue

Benjamin Netanyahu and Annalena Baerbock
Benjamin Netanyahu and Annalena Baerbock

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu engaged in a heated dispute over the war in the Gaza Strip, leveling sharp accusations at each other, Israeli Channel 13 journalist Moria Asaf Volberg reported, Bild confirmed on April 19.

The dispute reportedly stemmed from footage from the Gaza Strip shown to Baerbock by the Israeli side. The images depicted markets in the enclave where food abundance was evident on the stalls. The Israeli side sought to argue that famine issue in the Gaza Strip is not as acute as commonly believed in Europe.

However, Baerbock insisted that the food situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic. She stated that she could provide the Israeli side with photos of starving children.

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Following this, Netanyahu became more emotional and even asserted that Israelis "are not like Nazis," Volberg said. Netanyahu was likely referring to the photos of concentration camps disseminated by the Nazis to deceive the world about the mass killings of Jews.

Unlike German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Baerbock has become increasingly critical of Israel in recent months. She has leveled serious accusations against Israel concerning the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

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The Israeli government rejects accusations that it is "starving" the civilian population of the enclave.

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