German Minister's 16-hour journey to Kyiv marred by Ukrainian official's abrupt ouster

Svenja Schulze
Svenja Schulze

German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Svenja Schulze, made a significant journey to Kyiv to meet now former Ukrainian minister Oleksandr Kubrakov, since as soon as she arrived, he was dismissed from his position, the German newspaper Die Welt reported on May 10.

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Schulze spent 16 hours traveling by plane, car, and train to Kyiv to assure Ukraine of reconstruction aid. Grants amounting to EUR 45 million ($48.5 million) are expected to flow towards the renovation of the power grid. A "surprise" was waiting for Schulze on site, Die Welt said.

Kubrakov was relieved of his duties by the Ukrainian parliament immediately after Schulze arrived in Kyiv. He and Schulze had been slated to collaborate on organizing a crucial reconstruction conference aimed at facilitating Ukraine's recovery, scheduled to take place in Berlin on June 11-12.

"That’s really not good news," she said.

Schulze said she found the cancellation “personally very, very sad.”

Schulze commended Kubrakov's dedication to combating corruption, noting his track record of success.

"We pushed forward many projects together,” she said.

Kubrakov managed to present Schulze with a necklace adorned with a symbolic white dove of peace, which she then wore during her visit.

The Ukrainian Parliament dismissed Kubrakov on May 9 from his role as Deputy Prime Minister for the Reconstruction of Ukraine — Minister of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure.

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