Germany inclined to allow Ukraine to strike inside Russia, the latest ally to change its position

Olaf Scholz
Olaf Scholz

Berlin is "inclined" to allow Ukraine to strike Russia with German weapons, Politico reported.

The softening of the position seems to come from comments made by German Chancellor representative, Steffen Hebestreit, who said that "Ukraine's defensive actions are not limited to its own territory." 

"Defensive actions of Ukraine are not limited to its own territory, but [may] be extended to the agressor's territory ," he said.

Berlin cannot disclose the exact arrangements with Kyiv regarding the use of German weapons, as they are "confidential", Hebestreit noted.

Scholz's year-old statement, in which he said there was a "consensus" that Ukraine would not use German weapons on Russian soil, was a "statement of fact" that was true at the time, but not necessarily applicable to the future, he argued.

Scholz was in favor of allowing Western weapons to be used against targets inside Russia, without going into details, another person familiar with the German government's position said.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated his opposition to Ukraine using Western weapons to strike Russian territory as recently as May 26.

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Use of Western weapons on Russian territory 

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron pledged $3.74 billion in annual military aid to Ukraine on May 3. London does not object to the use of its weapons for strikes on Russia, he added.

Ukraine has a right to use Swedish weapons for attacks on Russian territory, Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson declared.

Poland agreed with Ukraine’s right to strike Russia with Western weapons.

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