Germany increases Gepard air defense ammunition supply to Ukraine amid intensified Russian attacks - Bild

German Gepard air defense system
German Gepard air defense system

Berlin has increased the ammunition supply for the Gepard air defense system to Ukraine, the German tabloid Bild reported on March 28.

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Until recently, Ukrainian air defense gunners had to ration the ammunition due to a shortage. The country's Defense Ministry had announced an increase in supplies, and a Ukrainian Armed Forces officer confirmed to Bild that there had been some improvement in the supply of ammunition for the Gepards.

This is crucial now amid intensified Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

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The Gepards have been particularly effective against Iranian Shaheed drones but has a limited range and cannot defend against missiles. Ukraine relies on Soviet S-300 systems, as well as Western systems like Patriot, IRIS-T, SAMP/T, and NASAMS to counter various types of Russian missiles. Kyiv has repeatedly called for more air defense systems, particularly Patriots, to be supplied to Ukraine.

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