Giada De Laurentiis Jokes About Her 'Every Day Bra Wars': 'I Should Just Have a Boob Job'

Giada De Laurentiis Valentine's Day
Giada De Laurentiis Valentine's Day

Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis recently took a break from cooking up delicious meals and instead dished all about her bra grievances.

While chatting with Bobbi Brown on the makeup guru's podcast, The Important Things, the Food Network star explained her daily struggles with finding the right undergarments.

The topic of bras came up after Brown asked De Laurentiis for details on her favorite types of jeans, bras and other clothing items. The Giadzy founder explained to Brown that she has "thousands of bras" because "I can't find one that works with everything. They come out in certain sections — it cuts me."

De Laurentiis continued the candid conversation, "I'm going to be completely honest with you, Bobbi, and this is probably TMI, but I should just have a boob job because maybe that would alleviate all the bra wars I have with myself every day."

"It is so hard to find a bra for a woman who does not have implants," she jokingly explained.

As they continued chatting about bras, the women realized that they agree on the same celebrity dream body. "What I really want is Jennifer Aniston's boobs," Brown said. "Me too! Me too!" De Laurentiis adamantly replied.

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Of course, the star entrepreneurs spoke about more than just undergarments. Earlier in the podcast, the chef discussed her rise to Food Network fame, her workout routine and her daughter Jade, 14.

"It's really fun to watch her become her own person," the celebrity chef said when Brown asked about Jade, who was the subject of De Laurentiis's recent social media post.

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Last week, the star shared a hilarious Instagram video of herself chatting on the phone with her recent middle school grad, all while on a trip to New York City with boyfriend Shane Farley.

"Jade's at camp, so anytime she gets the chance to call, I pick it up," she said as she gestured to her phone and put it to her ear.

In the caption, she hinted at how much time she's been spending on mother-daughter calls instead of paying attention to Farley. The playful video followed De Laurentiis as she explored New York City, holding her phone against her ear and chatting with her daughter at each city spot.