Gifts For Beer Lovers

"Wow, I really hope there are some beer-related gifts under that tree." (Photo: franckreporter via Getty Images)

As the great Homer Simpson once said, “Homer no function beer well without.” And it’s only getting more popular: craft beer keeps expanding across the country, and Canada can boast an impressive number of new and innovative beer options.

Whether there’s someone on your holiday gift list who’s a longtime connoisseur or new to the beer game, here are 15 gifts for beer lovers that we promise they’ll be thrilled to receive.

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Beer tasting set

The set includes six different glasses to maximize the tasting of wheat beers, porters, pilsners and more, along with cork-backed coasters and pairing suggestions. Get it at Bed Bath & Beyond Canada for $25.99.

Canvas beer caddy

The most efficient and most stylish way to transport beer. Plus: it comes with a bottle opener, because as the description says, opening a beer with a rock isn't cool. Get it at Uncommon Goods for $39.89.

Canada Craft Club subscription

Unfortunately, because of provincial rules about alcohol imports, this isn't available in Quebec, Newfoundland, or New Brunswick. But if you live elsewhere in the country, you can give someone the gift of receiving new and rare craft beers by mail every month. Pretty good, right? Get it at Canada Craft Club for between $50 and $180 a month, depending which package you choose, for one month or for up to 12.

Brewery poster

Craft breweries often invest in local artists to make their label art, and oftentimes they'll sell posters or other merch. Get this poster at Toronto's Bellwoods Brewery for $35, or check out your local brewery to see what they have on offer.

Beer chilling coasters

If you store these granite coasters in your freezer, you can pop them out whenever you're having a cold one, and boom: beer that stays colder longer. Get them at Uncommon Goods for $59.

Shower beer holder

Because we all have those days. Get it at Urban Outfitters for $22.

Mini beer pong set

If the beer lover in your life is a kid at heart, they'll appreciate this. Get it at Uncommon Goods for $79.

Ceramic growler

Yes, ceramic growlers are on the pricy side. But they're a worthy investment, and way better for the actual beer than the cheaper glass options. Get it on Etsy for $83.

"Michael Jackson's Beer Companion"

Michael Jackson (no, not that one) is a superstar in the beer world. Yes, this cover may look a little dated, but it's also one of the all-time classics: every serious beer aficionado needs it. Get it on Amazon for $19.

Budweiser T-shirt

This works as a sincere gift for the beer lover who sometimes loves to keep it simple, or as an ironic gift for the craft beer connoisseur who would never deign to touch a Bud Light. Either way, get it at Urban Outfitters for $49.

Personalized bottle opener

Get their name or a special message carved onto the wood paneling, and make a useful object extra special. Get it at Home Wet Bar for $21.

Beer pin

Who wouldn't want the cutest anthropomorphized beer we've ever seen?! Get it on Etsy for $7.16.

Yeti stainless steel colster

This insulated stainless steel cooler will keep any beverage cold — but as we all know, that's particularly important for beer. Get it on Amazon for $35.

Beer tasting journal

The serious beer fan will enjoy the opportunity to note the beer's price, origin, flavour profile, general stats, and more. Get it on Amazon for $17.

Beer blanket

Because beer and camping are an unbeatable combination, a blanket that will keep beer cold is a good idea. Get it at REI Co-op for $8.

"Wish you were beer" sticker

When all else fails, a sticker with a relatable sentiment can be your best bet. Get it at Society 6 for $4.


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