Gift Ideas For Teens Who Can’t Decide What They Like

Teenagers can be unpredictable, but your gifts can still be perfect. (Photo: manonallard via Getty Images)

Teens are complicated.

You’d know this if you’d ever met one before — or, well, if you’ve ever been one. Of course, they’re in the midst of growing up, which means they’re still learning so much about themselves. It’s exciting, but it can also make them mercurial and unpredictable: what they like today isn’t necessarily what they’ll be into tomorrow. 

So for those hard-to-shop-for teens whose tastes shift like the weather, here’s a list of Christmas gifts that they’re guaranteed to love, no matter the day of the week, and in spite of their ever-changing moods.

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Record Player

Look familiar? Record players are back, and they're in style. (Plus, there are plenty of great vinyls for new music.) Get it for $93.98 at

Neon Light

It's a cactus... but it glows. Get it for $14.99 at

Retro Instant Camera

Noticing a theme here? This is a cool alternative to an iPhone camera, and the photos print out instantly. Get it for $91.28 at Uncommon Goods.

What Do You Meme card game

Yes, it's a card game about memes. And it's great. (It can get a bit risqué, so keep it for the older teens.) Get it for $39.95 at Indigo.

Champion Hoodie

Comfy, stylish, timeless — what more is there to say? Get it for $26.20 at

Normal People by Sally Rooney

A coming-of-age love story that you'll probably steal for yourself. Get it for $29.33 at Indigo.

Nintendo Switch

Just try to convince yourself that you're buying this one for them, and not the whole family. Go ahead. Try. Get it for $399.99 at Best Buy.

Moleskine Sketchbook/Journal

There are sketchbooks, there are journals, and then there's the Moleskine. Get it for $29.00 at Indigo.

Copic Markers

There really is no better duo than Copic markers and a Moleskine. It's a match made in heaven. Get it for $87.96 at

"Work" Tote Bag

When social studies class turns into tests on capitalism and Karl Marx, maybe Rihanna can help explain the whole "work" thing. Get it for $30.00 at Etsy.

Musical Transposition Ring

Perfect for the music lover. Get it for $22.49 at Uncommon Goods.

Old Skool Vans

These never go out of style, even if they are called "Old Skool." Get them for $80.00 at

Glossier Balm Dotcom

It just adds a little something extra. Get it for $15.85 at Glossier.

Mariah Carey Doll

Who doesn't love Mariah Carey? This one can be perched in a locker or on a bedroom desk, for endless Christmas spirit. Get it for $15.85 at Urban Outfitters.

Post Malone Doll

If you don't love Mariah... Get it for $15.85 at Urban Outfitters.

My Cinema Lightbox

A cool bedroom decoration, especially for a movie lover. Get it for $29.50 at Indigo.

North Face Winter Coat

If you're feeling really generous this year... Get it for $349.00 at The North Face.

Fish Hotel Aquarium

They won't even know you're giving them the gift of responsibility. (The fish is sold separately, obviously.) Get it for $49.32 at

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

Not all lessons come in the form of a lecture. In this case, Queenie  teaches about self-worth (and class and race, among other things teens start to be conscious of). Get it for $22.00 at Indigo.

Weighted Blanket

Comfort is a rare gift. This is like a hug. Get it for $79.00 at

Ticketmaster Gift Card

You never know what concerts they have their eyes on. (And with enough money, they can even take a friend.) Get it for however-generous-you're-feeling-dollars at Ticketmaster.

Teddy Jacket

More coziness! Get it for $91.15 at Urban Outfitters.

Instax Mini Camera Set

This one's less analog than the earlier retro camera. They'll keep it for a long, long time. Get it for $117.99 at

Cards Against Humanity

It's crass. It's funny. It's ... perfect. (Warning: you might want to reserve this for older teens. It can get pretty inappropriate.) Get it for $35.00 at Indigo.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

They don't need to be a VSCO girl to enjoy a good water bottle. Get it for $47.95 at MEC.

Charging Hub

The future is wireless, anyway. Get it for $34.00 at Urban Outfitters.

Intelex Cozy Body Slippers

They're microwavable slippers. What more do you need to know? Get it for $38.75 at

Customizable Nike Sneakers

You might need some help with this one, but customized sneakers are great for any kid with style. (Plus, no one else will have them.) Starting at $125.50 at

Sneaker Cleaning Kit

They're gonna need something to keep those shoes clean. Get it for $12.00 at Indigo.

Amazon Echo Dot

They'll feel like a futurist, using their voice to make phone calls, play music, run through the news and set alarms. (No more sleeping through first period.) Get it for $69.99 at

Useless Knowledge Card Game

"In which direction do most people tilt their heads when they kiss someone?" Imagine a chemistry teacher asking that. Doesn't happen, but it's important! Get it for $26.46 at Uncommon Goods.

Beanbag Chair

It's self-explanatory. Get it for $38.85 at


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