Gigantic tarantula in bathroom falls on woman’s head

Guests in Ecuador were treated to a spectacular close-up view of one of the Amazon rainforest’s most feared creatures. They ventured all the way from Canada to witness the spectacular wonders and the animal life in the remote Amazon at Sacha Lodge. For several days they trekked through the jungle in search of some of the most unique and fascinating creatures on the planet. Their vacation has come to an end and they are about to make the journey from the rainforest to the second leg of their tour. While stopping at a bathroom, they received one last close-up look at the creatures of the jungle. This gigantic bird eating tarantula dropped from the ceiling and landed on the hat of one of the tour guests. A mix of delight and fear erupted and the screaming from the bathroom caught everyone’s attention. One of the guides rushed into the ladies bathroom to rescue the startled guest. He took her hat and gently moved the spider to one of the nearby planters where it could seek shelter from the screaming. This poor spider was probably more traumatized than any of the guests. Bird eating tarantulas are harmless if they are left alone, but they can deliver a very painful bite if they are provoked. Like all wildlife, they are better left alone. In this case, nobody intended to get so close to this Amazonian monster. After the initial shock wore off, the travelers all agreed that this interaction was a welcome experience.

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