Gigi Hadid Just Chopped Off Her Hair on Camera, and I’m Obsessed With Her Lazy-Girl Bob

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Gigi Hadid is a bob girl now.

On March 8, Hadid and celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan both shared a video celebrating her brand-new hair transformation, showing off the process from start to finish. In the video, set to Loretta Lynn's “Act Naturally,” McMillan chops the 28-year-old model's long blonde hair into an short French bob.

While many celebs have been opting for more voluminous styles like the ’90s supermodel bob and baroque bob, Hadid went for a shorter cut, which falls right in the middle of her neck and involves fewer layers and much less blow-drying. She wore a striped robe as McMillan worked his magic, though she modeled the fresh look in front of a mirror while wearing just a black bra so he could demonstrate how far the cut sits above her collarbone. You can see the video here.

Her hair was still wet by the end of the clip, but McMillan shared the dry, finished product in an Instagram post, showing off the tousled cut's artfully choppy ends and slightly longer, face-framing layers. This look screams “lazy girl” hair in the best way possible, seemingly requiring very little everyday styling, though one could never go wrong with a bit of texturizing spray.

If you recognize McMillan's name, it's probably because he is the famed stylist behind Jennifer Aniston's famous ’90s cut, known as the Rachel. The Friends star has worked with the stylist for years, though she once jokingly described him as “the bane of my existence” because of the famous cut, telling People that it was not her “best look” in 2022.

“The Rachel was high-maintenance,” Aniston said of the style back in 2013. “I’d curse Chris every time I had to blow-dry. It took three brushes—it was like doing surgery!” Luckily for Gigi Hadid, her new cut doesn't appear to require nearly that much effort.

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