Gigi Hadid Reveals Taylor Swift's Handmade Gift To Her Baby Girl

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Photo credit: Christopher Polk/MTV1415 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Christopher Polk/MTV1415 - Getty Images


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcomed a baby girl into their little family last weekend, and she is already being showered with gifts from all the adoring friends in her life. On her Instagram story Friday, Gigi shared a photo of her daughter all cuddled into a pink handmade blanket, apparently made just for her by Taylor Swift.

In the photo Gigi shared, the baby, whose name we don't know yet, is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with the Versace logo. 'From auntie @donatella_versace,' Gigi wrote next to the shirt. The baby is also covered in a silky pink blanket. '& auntie Taylor Swift made this!!,' she wrote, referring to the blanket.

It seems Swift is an 'auntie' to a few famous babies these days. She gave Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's baby girl, Daisy Dove, the same gift with 'Baby Bloom' hand-stitched on the blanket, along with a lovely bunch of flowers.

'Miss 🌼🕊 adores her hand embroidered blankie from miss @taylorswift 😩😩😩 hope it’s one she drags around for years till it becomes an unrecognisable shred that she keeps in her pocket as a teenager 🥺,' Perry wrote on an Instagram post, thanking Swift for her gift.

Apparently, the blanket has nostalgic value to Swift: 'Katy and Orlando, When I was a baby, my most [valued] possession was a tiny silk [blanket],' she wrote on her note to the couple.

She gave a very different but special gift to the newest Lively-Reynolds baby. Last year, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed a third daughter and managed to keep her birth secret. They also managed to keep her name a total mystery until they let Swift drop it in the song 'Betty' on her latest album, Folklore. The song featured the names of all of Lively and Reynold's children: James, Inez, and Betty—though of course it's about a teen love triangle and not actually about the children, who are...uh, children.

'Everybody makes mistakes, everybody really messes up sometimes and this is a song that I wrote from the perspective of a 17-year-old boy,' she said of 'Betty.' 'I've always loved that in music you can kinda slip into different identities and you can sing from other people's perspectives. So that's what I did on this one,' she continued. 'I named all the characters in this story after my friends' kids...and I hope you like it!'

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