Girl Gets Surprise Reunion With Her Horse After 4 Years Apart

Some kids have dogs, others have hamsters. Whatever the species of pet, they are kids’ best friends, someone to confide it and keep them company. They stay with them for as long as they live, but things happen in life that sometimes cut that time way shorter.

After being forced to sell her barrel racer four years ago, this girl has no idea that her parents bought him back and she's about to be reunited with her horse. Have your tissues ready, because this one is a tearjerker!

Bay had a best friend in her barrel racer Spook. When her parents fell in some financial troubles four years ago, she was heartbroken, because she had to give up her best friend. But the girl understood the situation her family was in and she had to let him go. Her parents didn’t want to separate them either, but circumstances demanded it.

Little did Bay know that today she will be reunited with her best friend once again! Her parents never lost hope that they will be able go get Spook back with them. Eventually, they were able to gather the money and reunite their daughter with her horse once again.

In this highly emotional video, we see how “operation Spook” came to be. Bay has no idea what is brewing behind the curtains; she is told to flip the cards her mom made for the camera. But the last card faces Bay instead of the camera, saying “Bay, look around” and there Spook is, waiting with her dad to be reunited with his human once again.

We hope that bay and her best friend have many years together, because clearly they were meant to stay together!