Giuliani’s daughter on Biden endorsement: 'Maybe I could be the other October surprise'

Stephen Proctor
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Caroline Rose Giuliani, daughter of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show Thursday night to address the article she wrote for Vanity Fair published earlier in the day urging Americans to vote for Joe Biden. In the article, Caroline wrote about a corrupt and toxic Trump administration, and invited readers to join her in fighting to “end Donald Trump’s reign of terror.”

Just a day earlier, an explosive New York Post article, with which her father was involved, was published claiming to prove shady dealings with Ukraine by both Biden and his son Hunter. But instead of being the October surprise Rudy Giuliani may have expected, the Post article faced intense scrutiny due to unreliable sources, and is even being investigated as part of a foreign-intelligence operation. The White House was reportedly warned last year that Rudy was the target of an influence operation by Russian intelligence. As her father’s last-minute attempt to tip the election may have fallen flat, Caroline Giuliani said her article was an October surprise of her own.

“I think a lot of people can relate to despair over politics and that’s really what I wanted to speak to,” Caroline said. “I don’t have any — you know, I live in L.A., I don’t have any inside information or anything like that. But I just thought maybe I could be the other October surprise, you know?”

Caroline said she has not spoken to her father since her article was published, but was optimistic about his reaction.

“We haven’t spoken since the article was published, but — so I’m not sure how he feels,” Caroline said, “but I know that if I were him I would be very proud to have a daughter who’s using her voice for what she believes in.”

Maddow asked about her father’s erratic behavior in interviews, but Caroline said that’s not the aspect of his behavior that causes concern.

“I’ve certainly been concerned about his public behavior, not for those reasons per se, but just because he’s involved in this whole group of people doing these things,” Caroline said. “So I think it’s less about him specifically and more about this mob mentality that has been created, and that he’s feeding, unfortunately.”

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