Glam Slam: Topshop Pops Up!

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Topshop has invaded LA! -- Access Hollywood

Topshop is here! Topshop is here! Well, sort of...a least a mini version of it is.

A pop-up, by-appointment-only Topshop recently opened on Melrose Avenue in LA and I went yesterday to check it out and do a little bit of retail therapy.

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The store is a bit on the down-low. There aren't super-duper huge signs and the windows are covered so you can't see inside, keeping it all the more mysterious. And don't forget, you must call to make an appointment to shop. They schedule two or three people at a time, which keeps the service very hands=on and personal.

Upon ringing the bell, I am met by a friendly associate who offers me water and explains the concept of the store. It's an edited collection with clothes geared for the Southern California fashion lover... which means, you won't find a lot of fall-ish sweaters and outerwear, but lots of short dresses, sparkly outfits and lighter jackets.

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The shop looks like a chic, upscale boutique. The floors are concrete and there are several floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The store is smaller than I thought it would be. After having been in Topshops all over the world where the amount of clothing is staggering, I was expecting racks and racks packed to the gills. Instead, it really is set up more like a high fashion boutique.

There is clothing, a couple of purses and a few pairs of shoes. There is also small men's section. The sales associates are very helpful and nice. I actually told the person helping me that I expected it to be a snotty experience just because of where the store is and the whole concept of appointment-only shopping, but that couldn't have been further from the truth.

I ended up getting a couple of great scores. I love the boyfriend blazer I got and pretty printed silk top. I also bought a very affordable Alexander Wang-ish tee and a bedazzled army jacket. The army jacket is a little sparkly for me, so I'm not sure I'm going to keep it.

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I'm a huge, huge fan of Topshop and can't wait until it comes to LA. It was supposed to open this fall, but the date was pushed back to spring. Boo! But, the good news is the Topshop Pop-up will be open until then, so I can still get my fashion fix.

-- Ryan Patterson

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