Glen Allan housing project inching forward

MAPLETON — The development of a new subdivision in Glen Allan is slowly moving forward.

At this stage, the Township of Mapleton is waiting for Wellington County to finalize project conditions that would move the development to the next step, explained Michelle Brown, planning and development manager, at a council meeting Tuesday night.

The new subdivision, involving the construction of 11 single detached houses, is to be built behind several homes on Wellington Road 45, in the hamlet of Glen Allan, roughly 25 minutes west of Elora.

Mapleton council approved the plan of subdivision in April.

The slowdown has at least one Glen Allan resident wondering where the project is at.

“I am curious when the houses will be developed in Glen Allan,” wrote Matthew Mullen to the township.

“I know it has been in the works for a few years, which seems odd that the township would delay building houses when the messaging in the news is that we are short of housing,” wrote Mullen.

Mullen told the township to hurry up.

“I encourage and urge the township to get these lots done already and let the owners make their money back, and get more housing into our township, which will only increase the townships coffers with property taxes,” he wrote.

Coun. Michael Martin asked if the township is actually delaying the development.

“My question is are we in fact delaying development of houses in Glen Allan or is this merely a perception? I know developments take time,” said Martin.

Brown asserted that, at this point in time, the township has done all it can to move the project forward. It is up to the county to do their part in preparing for the development.

“No, we are not delaying at all. In fact we approved and sent forward our draft conditions to the county. The county is just finalizing them. And we have yet to receive the package for them to be able to move forward to clear their conditions. So there is no delay on our part,” said Brown.

Jesse Gault is the Local Journalism Initiative reporter for GuelphToday. LJI is a federally-funded program.