Glenn Youngkin Calls Foul on Gavin Newsom’s Clumsy Basketball Tumble in China: ‘That Was a Charge!’ (Video)

Glenn Youngkin blew the whistle on Gavin Newsom. The call? Charging.

The 6’7″ Virginia governor, a former forward for the Rice University basketball team, said Monday on “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” that he’s seen the video of his California counterpart clumsily tripping over a child while playing basketball during a recent visit to Beijing. While Newsom awkwardly tried to drive through defenders, the kid, Youngkin said, had the position.

“You’re a basketball player,” co-host Clay Travis said. “Did you see Gavin Newsom going head-to-head with the Chinese kids – and and flattened one of them? What did you think of his basketball game?”

Youngkin admitted that he was merely a bench player at Rice in the mid-80s, but he would still know that when a defender’s feet are set – as the kid’s were – the ball-carrier has no right to just plow through them, as Newsom clearly did. The result would be a foul called on the gl0betrotting California governor, and a change-of-possession.

“Well, I think that he first needs to understand that that was a charge,” Youngkin replied. “And when someone stands in front of you, you got to go behind the back or through the legs and get around them as opposed to running over an eight-year-old. I thought that was a pretty blatant display of maybe a moment when you might want to choose another sport.”

Youngkin joined the conservative talk-radio program to discuss an array of topics, from his state’s upcoming elections and the Israel-Hamas war. At one point, the hosts brought up former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who was booted from listing her appearances on Eventbrite over her ongoing advocacy for biological females only in women’s collegiate sports.

Youngkin said that decision, coupled with Eventbrite continuing to allow pro-Palestine groups to organize on the platform, inspired him to “fire” Eventbrite from official business in Virginia.

“When a company decides it’s going to make statements on on political and social issues, they have to live with the consequences. And the blowback here has been warranted,” Youngkin said. “As governor, I have I have told our our political committee that we will no longer use Eventbrite. And I would ask your listeners, do not respond or RSVP to an invitation from Eventbrite, just stop using them.”

Listen to the entire exchange at “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” website.

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