A glimpse of the amazing animals of India

A trip to India is an amazing adventure in every way. The culture is very unique, as is the food. The tastes are exciting and the aroma of delicious food is everywhere. The animals are a fascinating and thrilling part of the whole experience. When we think of India, we tend to think of crowded streets and concrete, buildings and densely populated cities. While that is what you will find in much of India, they also have wilderness and wildlife that is abundant and beautiful beyond description. This videographer captured images of from a variety of areas that can be visited. The first is an elephant at WildlifeSOS in AGra. It is one of the most wonderful sanctuaries in existence. The elephants here have been rescued from a life of abuse and slavery. Most come with injuries and infections that have caused them ongoing misery and pain for many years. The wonderful caregivers at the sanctuary treat their wounds and rehabilitate the elephants, giving them a second chance at life. The sloth bears in the video have also been rescued by WildlifeSOS from unspeakable cruelty. These bears are referred to as "dancing bears". Unknowing tourists pay money to see performances where their handlers encourage the bears to stand on their hind legs and dance to amuse the crowds. The reality is that their teeth have been knocked out and their muzzles have been punctured with hot pokers so that ropes can be inserted though their noses into their mouths. The pain inflicted when the ropes are pulled will make the bears do anything that the handler wishes. WildlifeSOS has been a driving force behind the efforts that put an end to these horrors. Monkeys roam freely and wander the edges of most cities, taking food where they can find it. Often, people supply them with bananas and nuts. The monkeys will happily sit and eat while they have their pictures taken. Peacocks and tigers are also found in the more secluded areas and they make spectacular subjects for photos and videos. A trip to India is an exciting experience at almost every moment.