Glitch stalls sales at the gas pumps

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Glitches in gasoline supply left some travellers’ tanks dry over the weekend in Southern Kings County.

“I nearly lost my mind,” said Heidi Frankfurt, owner of Winds Corner Store and XTR gas station on the corner of the Commercial and Peters Road in Southern Kings.

“It’s bad for business,” she said, noting that the public can react negatively to her business no matter who is at fault.

She said she ordered fuel to arrive last Friday but the truck didn’t come until mid-morning Sunday. The store ran out of gas Friday afternoon, and Ms Frankfurt, along with staff had to deliver bad news to loyal customer after customer. Ms Frankfurt says some were in a sticky situation with their vehicles running on fumes.

Despite numerous calls to multiple people involved in the distribution process,Ms Frankfurt is not sure exactly what caused the issue. It could have been at any point along the line from the tanker ships delivering gas at the Irving terminal in Charlottetown, to issues at the terminal itself, to issues with transportation companies.

Sherry Keefe, manager of Miller’s Esso in Murray River said their location experienced some issues and were out of gas for a short period on Sunday as well.

Ms Keefe says there could be a number of reasons leading to the minor shortage including a potential greater demand for gas this summer in the area.

No transportation companies contacted by The Graphic were available for comment by press time, neither were Irving Oil representatives.

Rachel Collier, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eastern Graphic

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